The enchanting Gardens of Light near the Royal Versailles


The Gardens of Light at Montreal’s Botanical Garden are back once again this year after the incredible success of previous versions.

Thereby, you will be able to discover or rediscover its magnificent trails all trough evenings between September 8th and October 31st of 2017.

The goal set by the conceptors during the creation of the trails was to create an extraordinary experience for the visitors as they make their way across the Garden.

Discover the multiple themes that will be exploited by the creators to impress guests who will visit the Garden of Light during next fall.

Garden of lights in Montreal

The most important novelty of this year’s edition is the additional illuminated path possible to walk through.

Indeed, while being able to enjoy the different sources of light in the usual Chinese and Japanese Gardens, visitors can stroll along the First Nations Garden for the first time.

Each of the three gardens will offer a completely different experience to the public that will pass to admire them.

The organizers have selected precise themes that will create unique personalities in each one of the pathway.

All luminous elements included in the various courses have been thoughtfully chosen to make visitors discover the Botanical Garden in a whole new way.

This is the perfect activity for all people, from the oldest to the youngest one and will remain in their memories for years to come.

The rates of the Garden of Light are the same as for the Botanical Garden. Take notes that there is a reduced price for people residing across Quebec.

The Garden of China

The organizers have chosen a well known Chinese theme for this path, but exploited it in a different point of view.

It’s the Chinese Dragon that will be the center of attention of this trail allowing visitors to submerge themselves with Chinese culture while rediscovering its symbols in a grandiose way.

The Japanese Garden

As you pass through this section of the Garden, you will discover brand new textures as well as colors cleverly exploited. Nature offers so much diversity and this is what the Japanese Garden is all about.

The use of light helps accentuate the beautifulness of the various plants and flowers in a magnificent way. The lighting will also be use to present paintings within the Garden’s decor.

The First Nations Garden

For this new addition to the Gardens of Light, it’s the Sacred Tree that will be the centerpiece of this path. The conceptors use bright colors to enhance its beauty.

They also have chosen the perfect soundtrack to awaken the senses of the visitors and transport them in the universe seasons and forces of nature.

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