Action de grâces et Halloween à Montréal pour 2015

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Un festival d’activités autour du Royal Versailles en juillet !

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Le Stade olympique accueille la Coupe du Monde Féminine de soccer 2015 de la FIFA

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(English) Three Places to Visit in Montreal, Quebec

Three Places to Visit in Montreal, Quebec

If you are on a vacation or visiting Montreal, Quebec for work you should explore some of Montreal’s unique attractions. Here is a list of three wonderful, family fun places to visit when you are here.

The Biodome

The Biodome is both wonderfully entertaining as it is educational. You learn about conservation and scientific research while you take in pieces of nature from all over the world and a variety of 4.500 animals. The main exhibit is ‘Nature’s Slow Pokes’ which features sloths, tortoises, reptiles and more!

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(English) Three Places To Visit In Montreal


1. Old Montreal

This area of the city has sites dating back to the 1600s, making it the oldest area in Montreal. It was declared an historic district in 1964 and you can still take a horse-drawn carriage through the neighborhood.

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(English) 3 Tips for Choosing a Ballroom for your Next Event


  1. Available rooms – If you’re having an event in a hotel, many people may want to stay overnight. To ensure people can stay the night if needed, make sure there are enough rooms available. This will also attract travelers from afar.
  2. Design – Make sure you get a chance to walk around the ballroom before the event. You probably have designs in mind, so make sure the color of the carpet or chairs don’t interfere with the design.
  3. Size – An empty ballroom may seem big at first, but account for the tables and chairs. If it doesn’t seem big enough, don’t second guess yourself. It’s better to have more room than needed than less.

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