The Great Pumpkin Ball of Montreal


Montreal is a city full of activities throughout the year, highlighting both the various popular festivals, but also its inhabitants.

Among the events of the metropolis, the Great Pumpkin Ball stands among the favorites of the population and the tourists visiting with their family.

Blending brilliantly horticulture, the Halloween celebrations and the cozy season of autumn, the Ball is a must-see during October.

Activities surrounding the Great Pumpkin Ball

Halloween is truly an event worshiped by younger and older people for its playful and unifying side.

It’s these two elements that stand out the most from the various activities of the Great Pumpkin Ball.

With this in mind, the Botanical Gardens of Montreal organized its annual cucurbit decoration contest.

Until October 17, you’ll be allowed to vote for your favorite pumpkin or squash work among the 800 pieces disposed within the Garden.

In addition, visitors and their families will have access to the Squash Kiosk, where they will find amusing information about the gourd family with multiple shapes, colors and sizes.

Finally, toddlers will be amazed by the outdoor playground on site. The Little Monsters Courtyard allows them to run, climb and crawl through its fun paths for as long as they want.

It is possible to attend the various activities from October 6 to October 31of 2017, between 9 am and 9 pm. You only need to get your admission tickets online or at the ticket office on site.

The unavoidable of the Great Pumpkin Ball

Although all activities are interesting in their own way, some attractions are even more impressive. Among these, we obviously find the giant pumpkin.

This pumpkin is one of the largest that has ever been exhibited at the Botanical Gardens of Montreal.

Indeed, the gourd’s weight reaches the 635 kilograms, the same weight as an adult moose!

Every folk will be able to enjoy the exhibition to take a picture of this spectacular Atlantic Giant pumpkin’s specimen.

The Insectarium is also part of the festival

For the bravest visitors, it will be possible to take part in the exhibitions of the Insectarium of Montreal to get in touch with its residents.

Under the theme of Halloween, you will be invited to the meet and greet of small creatures often unloved: spiders.

Discovery sessions and storytelling time featuring these eight-legged friends will be on the menu.


To visit the Botanical Gardens of Montreal during the month of October, do not forget to book your room at the Royal Versailles.

Our employees will be pleased to provide you with the information you need to get to the Great Pumpkin Ball as easily as possible.

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